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Inscriu-te a les classes de Lindy Hop amb THOMAS BLACHARZ i aprén amb un dels millors!!

Classes de Solo, Lindy i per a Teachers. Pots apuntar-te a les cinc classes de cada track o nomès a les classes específiques que t’interessin.

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Preus 1 Classe Track Sencer (5 classes)
Dimarts 19:30 – Sala Susurro (1h)
12€ 50€
Lindy Hop Advanced amb THOMAS BLACHARZ
Dimarts 21:00 – Teatreneu (1h i mitja)
17€ 75€
Curs de Teachers amb THOMAS BLACHARZ
Dimarts 22:30 – Teatreneu (1h)
15€ 60€



Dates: A partir del 3 d’abril (dates per confirmar).


  • Teachers Track:

3/abril: What to do and not to do to be a good teacher.
17/abril: An authentic beginner class based on what the originals dancers have taught me.
24/abril: Musicality for beginner/intermediate.
Per determinar: How to deal with a class with a lot of different levels.
Per determinar: Principles to design a class for intermediate dancers.

  • Lindy Hop Track:

3/abril: Slides Couple basic combination, to be able to place it in basic lindy hop variations.
17/abril: Would you like to play with rhythm? Different types of rhythm, divisions that you can use while dancing with your partner.
24/abril: Classic moves & combinations. Inspired by the original dancers. The classic movement and what you can do with it.
Per determinar: Slides using momentum & the transfer of energy (lead & follow).
Per determinar: Swing out rhythm variations, how many swing out can you do without repeating the same rhythm twice?


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